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(Mostly) cleared again!

About damn time, as my comment inbox has been hovering in the 100-200 range for several weeks now; it's now down to the standard 20-30 that live there for a while.

Date range: 4/23 - 5/11
Comment emails received: 606, approx. 33/day

Prime suspects:
50 beracjade
47 skinglist
41 classytart
31 lanikei
25 cheshirrrecat
21 xviragox
19 idoru
18 csteph7579
18 six2
13 baranoouji
13 fervid_dryfire
13 damienden
12 alacrity
11 weeping_angel
10 evelynne

Journal entries: 3,309
Support points: 157
Comments: Posted: 24,323 - Received: 11,886

Average for the year, holding at 56 posted/day.

Since last time I posted this sort of thing (March 28), ~58 posted/day, ~23 received in my journal/day.
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You are a true commentslut. :D
It's an honor to hear that from you. ;)
Hope you don't mind me asking, but how do you know who left how many comments? Did you hand count them, have a program, etc?
Hand-count. After I reply to a comment I send the notification email to my Trash folder; sometimes, before I empty the Trash, I'll click the sort-by-sender button and manually count the ones with a lot of comments.