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i love friends and comments!!

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right on =) hehe i like posting randomly =)
And I'm glad that you did!
almost to much, i used to be a lot worse, when i had the net at my house =)
Yeah, I had a period like that.
=) cool, so where are you from?
I reside in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I've lived here for the past 19 years of my 21 year existance.
wicked - i was born there

I live near mankato now =)
Cool. Pretty far from here, though. Relativly...
yeah - but not as far as some thing =) i have family in the cities so i'm there once in a while
That is true, that is true... ^_^
=) damn misqutios =/ i really hate them...

alright that was pointless convo =P
Or was it?
hmmm maybe not =) i don't know

teehee =)

i think i've run out of things to say
It is entirely possible...



June 16 2009, 17:16:41 UTC 8 years ago

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